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Thread: attn: advertisers, changes to posting rules

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    attn: advertisers, changes to posting rules

    -You can now make a maximum of FOUR updates over a 24- hour period.
    Advertisers that are found submitting more than FOUR updates
    per day will be suspended for at least one week.

    Please take this as fair warning. The rules will be enforced, thank you.
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    Important update to posting limit for advertisers!!!

    A notice to all advertisers:

    To thank you all for your continued support of the MERB community, the advertising post limit has been increased to FOUR (4) posts per day effective immediately.

    We hope that this extra post will help all our advertisers and the community as a whole, by giving our advertisers an extra opportunity to keep everyone up to date on changes or additions to their schedule.

    Mod 8

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