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    Arrow Updated screening process


    In the past few months, I have made a few rare exceptions to my usual screening process and
    was able to establish another effective option to ensure my safety while meeting Gentlemen for the first time.

    Some of you might actually appreciate "option B"!

    Etiquette section

    First contact email
    When contacting me, please include your first name, cellular phone number, a brief introduction about yourself along with the type of encounter you are seeking; afternoon delight, supper date, night cap and desert, overnight, etc…
    If you would like me to join you at your hotel or private residence, along with any reasonable special request(s) you might have. I always look forward to spending quality time with a real Gentleman who understands what respect is all about!

    ** Gentlemen, even if we have met once, a few or many times, please, still include your cellular phone number as I do not (ever) keep any of your personal information after our intimate rendez-vous has ended. **

    Safety and first time rendez-vous
    A) You will need to send me via email, your full name and a verifiable cellular phone number.
    A reference from another Lady comapnion is also highly appreciated!
    Once we meet, I will be asking you for a *valid piece of identification with a picture (only to see your name and picture).
    If the name you sent me via email does not correspond with your identification, you will be forfeiting the full amount of the donation and I will immediately leave.

    B) This second option (including all three requests) will be available to a very few Gentlemen and *some conditions apply.
    1. A Merb/Terb/Perb/Cerb board handle;
    Gentlemen, understand that if you decide to register on either boards mentioned above just to avoid giving me your last name via email, this screening method will not be an option for you!
    You have to be an established, respected and active member with a certain amount of posts... Yes, I will be reading some of your past comments and reviews!
    Also know that I will be sending you a PM to confirm your handle.

    2. Two references from two other well known and established independent companions.
    Please, ask the Ladies in questions to contact me via email at

    3. A first name and verifiable cellular phone number.

    ** Gentlemen, I will not be contacting you by phone at any time as I do respect your privacy. I do ask for a phone number to send you a text message confirmation to ensure no mistakes were made while exchanging information.
    I also do not take phone calls *(unless expected) or voicemails on this phone... Text messages only. All rendez-vous have to be made via email. **
    Thank you!

    Have a great day!

    Cloe xox

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