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Thread: cat fight on annonces123

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    cat fight on annonces123

    Has anyone been on annonces123 lately. Its really weird there is some type of beef going on between two escorts, they keep putting up the bogus adds of their rival to make them lose clients. Its That ugly girl from Blainville and the girl from agence KRYSTAL

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    I saw it as well and its pretty funny continue to watch it will probably get better lol

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    they are so stupid ... and they bug every other girls actually !!!

    Now we have to pay again to put our ads in priority because of them ... if we do not ... our ads will be at the page # 4 after 5 minutes ...
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    Yeah i think Annonce 123 should do something about it. I'm fed up to see the Blainville's girl ugly face. Looks like she's working under pressure.

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    Do you have a link or telephone number, I can't find the cat fight.

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