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Thread: how many guys

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    how many guys

    would you still take a dancer for dances if you knew that she got breast implants?


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    I wouldnt its not my style, I prefer bigger breasts but only if they are natural
    Stay thirsty my friends

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    Smile Natural with the whole package!

    I tend to focus on the whole package but I do prefer smaller breasts (proportional), no implants, pencil eraser nipples.

    Just as an additional thought, there is a whole eye candy menu of physical qualities to a girl besides breasts. For example: regular facial features, a slender build with graceful neck, a flowing mass of hair, defined hips, tapered legs, shapely arms. And the most important qualities of all - attitude and sensuality to define how she moves the whole package. There are quite a few Sp's who fit the bill. By way of example just check out the SP who claimed the most votes on the research poll carried out by TOG - Judy, I believe the name was. Not a D set in the world can match that package. At least that's how I pick 'em.
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    Don't really hit strip clubs much anymore but I use to a hell of a lot, I would say I like natural, from the nice small tits (tight package) to the large perfect ones on a pretty young lady, before she is old and has kids, oh man they are sag just pow in your face perfection mmmmmm

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    Malika, I hope at least you got yours for you and not for work.
    Stay thirsty my friends

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    I have always has a dislike for implants as most dancers seem to go with the lowest cost doctor. One of my ex GFs had implants that you couldn't discern from natural breasts. That was when my opinion changed somewhat. It all depends on the quality of the enhancement. Some women simply go for too large an increase which leaves them with a poor result, others do a lousy job of taking care of their health in general after the procedure and also end up with poor results. Also, the amount of scarring is important to me. My ex had the implants done through her armpit which left no visible scar at all, another ex actually had to have one nipple totally removed and relocated during her surgery which led to heavy scarring. There are all kinds of variables where implants are concerned.

    So my answer to the poll isn't one of the choices. Basically, it depends on the quality of the enhancement.
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    My take on this whole topic....

    I go to strip clubs for a fantasy..... that young, attractive girls want to get naked for me. Every time I go to a strip club, I get at least 2 dances. Some nights all the attractive girls have small breasts, some nights all the attractive girls have implants. As I know that most of these girls really could give a rats a$$ about me personally, I will refuse to get dances from unattractive dancers and get dances from any attractive dancer- with or without implants.

    You should know that I have a very vanilla idea of what is attractive, but I could write volumes on the subject. I also have a grade on the curve idea of what is attractive....... example: if all the dancers are 4's(on a scale of 1 to 10) & one dancer is a 5, that dancer is attractive, that night, but most likely never again? Lastly, I have no problem dating a woman with implants or booking a SP with implants. The way I see it, if a woman has nothing else to offer other than her breasts, regardless of size or shape, I won't be with her long. On the other hand, if she is a awesome woman, regardless of double A's or fake D's, I will want to see her again and again.

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    Quote Originally Posted by whitesoxs
    would you still take a dancer for dances if you knew that she got breast implants?

    Hello Whitesoxs,

    When I first read the question my reaction was, what does it matter. After thinking about it I still have the same feeling. I do like large breasts a lot. I believe every guy has instinctive an instinctive natural stimulating reaction to to that element...if just for a second. But I also love very small breasts too. It all depends on how the breasts compliment her general physique. Enhanced breasts aren't necessarily better or worse. They can be better if they suit the individual. Still, they can be easily overdone and look poor and possibly grotesque. Overall, I could not answer this question based on the general idea of natural versus enhanced.

    My answer reflects the fact that element of enhancements just isn't going to determine who I would be willing to accept a dance with. When I choose someone for a dance there is so much more that I am looking for. There is fitness, persona, and allure. A woman can be "sexy" in so many ways and whether she has enhanced breasts or not is simply not going to determine who I would have a dance with. Besides...if she is in generally good shape and pretty, her eyes and smile are often more important. I still remember one dance at Cleo's who was tall and super slim with an exotic offbeat look that just floored me. She had very small breasts. Breasts...I love all kinds. But the type of breasts a dancer has won't usually be more important than overall allure. So I voted yes, because they aren't that important.



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    i agree

    hi merlot
    to me it doesn't matter if the dancers are natural or fake.
    i look at the whole girl not just at her breast.
    i do have one weakness,that if she is a blonde i am attractive to her alright away

    the reason why i started this is because i heard from a few girls that if the guys knows if someone has or is planning to have them done,that they won't take the girls any more.
    to each his own

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    I am me, too!
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    I prefer a natural woman, minimal makeup, natural breasts, no or very discrete perfume... But, there's exceptions on everything, isn't it?

    I met 2 woman in my ages of SC visits who had enhanced breasts where the word "enhanced" really ment "it look great" instead of being, in my opinion, a "downgrade". One was years ago, before the days of contacts so, all I had was the "visual" clues but they looked great im my opinion. The other is Sasha from Cléo.

    I once met an older lady who went so overboard the skin between the boobs actually separated from the muscle underside so, with time and aging, she had a 2-3 inches "tent" between the boobs, who were almost basketball-sized...

    Sorry Malika, we never had a chance to meet so, I only have "visual clues" but, at a glance, they look great!

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