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Thread: Poll: New or Under-reviewed Agencies or Indy SPs

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    Poll: New or Under-reviewed Agencies or Indy SPs

    Since CoolAmadeus recently "took one for the team", I thought it might be a good idea to get some of the lesser known or new agencies (or indy SPs) mentioned on Merb. This might help newbies to Montreal or even grizzled old veterans looking for some variety.

    CA`s thread:

    I don`t live in Montreal, so this isn`t a formal poll and besides who knows who the new agencies will be in the next few months. Just don`t post here about FKS, Asservissante, Satin Dreams etc. who already get lots of coverage on Merb.

    In this thread let`s try to briefly post about our experiences (poitive and negative) similar to the following:

    1. Olsen twins (Mary Kate and Ashley) - met these new independent SPs just after they turned 18. Hot with great service. 450/2h or 1000/2h duo. 514-555-1212.


    2. XY Agency - tried them once. They promised that Pat would show up at 9pm but she didn`t arrive until 11pm. Also looked nothing like her photo on the website. I didn`t know that women could grow that much hair on their backs. Avoid.

    PS Both samples above are obviously just examples and not real in any way. I won`t be able to add any of my own reviews here for a couple weeks, but I will when I get the chance. I`m traveling for work and am about to visit a string of really small cities using really small aiplanes...
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    Once a girl tried to pawn a "555" phone number on me, as if I have not seen a movie or TV show. Every knows there is no phone# that begins with "555". I wish I had confronted her on it rather then take the phone# walked away rolling my eyes and crumpling the paper. Was it too much to come up with something else like sorry I have a boyfriend or no thank you. Everybody is a comedian I guess.


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