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    Question Virgin Prostitutes

    After reading this I have a quick question:

    How much would you pay for an adult woman who has managed not to have herself "deflowered"? i.e. How much is virginity worth to you?
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    Come on...........

    Virgin prostitute defines the term OXYMORON


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    I think you will only find that type in porno movies, and BTW they are actresses plying the part. If you read the disclaimer at the end of the movie. They always tell you that No Virgins were deflowered in the filming of this movie!

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    Yeah, I believe in some countries, that's worth something extra. Unfortunately, this isn't one of them.

    I guess you haven't seen the movie Taken.

    - CWipes

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    I find nothing sexual in being virgin (That was great for my teenager years).

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