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Thread: Is everything open on Good Friday in Montreal?

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    Is everything open on Good Friday in Montreal?

    I'm driving in from the barren, industrial, wastelands of boring Saint John, New Brunswick to the vibrant, cosmopolitan, liberal city of Montreal for the Easter weekend. We'll be staying at Fairmont The Queen Elizabeth hotel (900 Boulevard René-Lévesque Ouest) in downtown area.

    However, I'm wondering if the various cultural/art museums and public facilities will be open on Good Friday? This is to decide whether we will leave on Thursday night or Friday morning.

    Are there also any non-religious events going on at this time?

    I'm going with friends and family, so unfortunately I can't indulge in outcall sex heaven, which sucks to be me. I'll probably take a look at incalls like Sexual Girls, massage places like Kama, Spa Eau Claire. I'll do my research.


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    No, Good Friday is an observed holiday in Montreal, so most places will be closed. You're better off driving Friday morning.

    Saturday will be a busy day as everything reopens.

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    Well, we changed hotel to Delta Centre-Ville. I'll start the 9 hour drive in 12 hours.

    It looks like my closest chance for fun is Monica on CL. Then off to Kama or Spa Eau Claire on Saturday.

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    ??? The guy ask a question, answer it and then keep on his monologue...

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    Question Really Weird???

    The guy asks a question then answers it as if another guy is responding to the question but both handles are clearly the same ? Does anyone else see something wrong with this???
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    He's just talking to himself b/c nobody else responded - dont sweat it.

    Hey poorguy - dont be so bashful with the religious events - the churches in Montreal are beautiful and worth a look. I have extremely diverse interest when Im in town.

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    Wow! Thanks for everything Montreal! I cannot believe how hot French Canadian girls dress, act, and take care of themselves. I wish Acadian girls over here would be as liberal as you! Even with the weekend's blowing winds and -5 windchill, there was no shortage of girls dressed to impress.

    I did the usual tourist and shopping stuff in the daytime with the family. When night came on Friday night, we hit Club Kamasutra around 10 PM. Four guys cost us $5 each in cover. $2.50 each for a table at gyno row. Very nice ladies, around the 7-8 range. However, there were more bolt-ons than natural. Had a wonderful time with $15 a dance. My best pick was Stella, a true French Canadian girl. Unlike most of the dancers who walked around or stood together at various corners, she smiled at me and bounded toward me, sitting, draped her arm around me and engaged in small talk. That's the way it should be.

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    Brunette with curly hair, 5'4", B-cups, athletic build around 115 lbs.

    Then we went up to the booth in the other room and wow, she was pretty good, immediately sitting in my lap. High mileage with ear licking/moaning, rubbing her breasts against me, teasing the little guy, etc.

    The place was absolutely packed by the time we left at 1 AM. My friends have wives and girlfriends, so they had to go back to the hotel. It was time for some more personal fun so I decided to treat myself at the Kamasutra Spa. I booked Angel for 45 minutes and I'm glad I did. Absolutely gorgeous girl with large natural C breasts. It was 40 for 45 minutes + 5 for VIP room + 80 for thai. She took off her bra around 15 minutes in, then panties 5 minutes later, and then climbed aboard for the thai. Wow it was my first time having a full body thai massage. Absolutely heavenly. The flip came and rubbed her breasts all over my chest but avoided the little guy. However, the more than made up by it with a sensual HJ. Used both hands with very good teasing technique. What a finish!

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    Saturday arrived and it was shopping for everyone. Skip over that to the nightlife.

    We hit Club Cleopatra with a cheap $2 cover charge for each and sat down in a very packed environment around 11 PM. Girls ranged from 4 to 7. A lot of natural large breasts compared to the fakes in Kamasutra. The booths were absolutely filled non-stop by patrons. In fact, there weren't enough girls around to dance on the stage. I didn't indulge in any dances because I wanted to save my money for other activities.

    Friends went back to the hotel once again and I called up Jay's around 11:45 PM to have some incall fun. Unfortunately no answer so I headed to Kamasutra Spa once again. This time I booked Ginger. Wow! Another true French Canadian girl. Again I booked 45 minutes and took the thai option. She immediately took off everything! Amazingly large natural breasts on a tight frame. She exercises regularly and it shows. On to the thai and she absolutely uses her entire body to the fullest extent to make you feel good. She grabs the edges of the massage table to really rub her body into you. Onto the flip and she's not hesitant at all with playing with the little guy. Oils down her breasts and traps him in a Russian. Then she did something Angel didn't do. She assumed the 69 position! What a sight! After a few minutes of this she flipped again and pulled my legs up and spread them. She wraps her breasts around the little guy and finished me Russian. She leverages her arms by bracing her elbows on my knees. I've never seen that before. Explosive finish and I can't walk straight.

    I will always remember my session with her. Both ladies are in great shape and wonderfully endowed. Smooth silky skin and aim to please. The only complaint I have with both my sessions is that I did not get the full 45 minutes. It was more like 37 minutes both times. I attribute it to the fact that it was Friday and Saturday night and really busy with the doorbell rining nonstop. The receptionist said that they usually offer only 30 minute sessions on those nights because of traffic.

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    So I can't wait to get back to Montreal. As with every other tourist, I can't wait until the next time I visit. Hopefully I can experience some incall or outcall next time.

    Now it's back to the industrial wastelands. Funny as I was driving back through Degelis and through the Quebec-New Brunswick border I was met by a sheet of snow-showers. Past Edmunston and back home to Saint John I was met with the familiar distasteful smell of pulp-and-paper mill effluent odours and oil-refinery exhaust.

    Well, that's it for me. I will come back to MERB maybe a few months down the road, hopefully sometime this year when I come back to Montreal.

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    Quote Originally Posted by poorguy
    Well, that's it for me. I will come back to MERB maybe a few months down the road, hopefully sometime this year when I come back to Montreal.
    ...and I'll be on the edge of my seat till then!


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