Clearing his conscience.

STORY Quebec hit man pleads guilty to 27 counts of murder

MONTREAL — A biker hitman pleaded guilty in Quebec City Tuesday to 27 murders that happened between 1978 and 2003.

31/03/2009 2:43:25 PM

Hit man pleads guilty to 27 counts of murder
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Media reports suggest that biker hitman-turned informant Gerald Gallant might have provided information that helped police with an operation.

Brian Daly

Gerald Gallant, 58, carried out executions for the Rock Machine, who were bitter rivals of the Hells Angels during the deadly biker war in the 1990's. Gallant also pleaded guilty Tuesday to 12 charges of attempted murder.

Gallant was already serving a life sentence for a murder in Ste-Adele, in the Laurentians, in 2001.

He has since become an informant and his evidence led to the arrests last week of 10 people linked to the murders to which he has confessed.

The 10 suspects were arrested in raids throughout Quebec last Thursday morning.

One person arrested was charged with 16 murders.

The majority of the crimes occurred between 1994 and 2002 during the biker wars.

The raids were carried out in Quebec City, Donnacona, Warwick, Saint-Jerome, Trois Rivieres.

The arrests were made as part of Operation Baladeur (Walkman).

Some high-profile names among the arrested include: Raymond Desfosses, a high-ranking member of Montreal's West End Gang and Frederic Faucher, former leader of the Rock Machine.