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Thread: Marie-Eve Bilodeau !!

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    Talking Marie-Eve Bilodeau !!

    What a cutie the Liberals have running in Chretien's old riding, I'de vote for her, but the riding will probably go to the Block heads, as will most of the province, according to the latest polls

    Doesn't Isabelle Mignault look a bit like Mitsou ??
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    She really looks like Mistou! I use to be such a bit fan of her
    when I was a kid... Good old days!

    I wish this women was in my county


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    What is this, are we making decisions on looks now?
    That said, I would have easily voted for that chick running for Conservative Party lead, not long ago. She was the head of Magna. She does look good and and if elected, that's a huge turning point from our Chretien!
    So what's her name again?


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    Yeah, I agree Migneault and Mitsou bear some resemblance. But Mitsou exuded raunchiness whereas this Migneault girl looks so prim and proper in her suit. Actually, I'd vote for her if she could sing Mitsou's song:

    "Bye bye mon cowboy, bye bye mon rodéo
    C'est si dur de tomber si bas quand t'as été si haut

    Tu fais l'amour comme un dieu et tu le fais quand je le veux
    Rien dans la tête tout dans les yeux un corps de maître une peau de feu
    C'est difficile de s'en aller trouver un homme pour me toucher é-é

    Bye bye mon cowboy, bye bye mon rodéo
    C'est si dur de tomber si bas quand t'as été si haut

    Pourtant tu sais c'est pa d'ma faute si
    Quand tu m'approches je deviens chaude mais!
    Ton regard il y'en a d'autres o-o
    Fais attention la colère monte

    Je ne ris plus j'en ai assez de m'faire jouer de tous côtés
    Rien ne va plus les jeux sont faits c'est le temps d'mettre un arrêt
    C'est difficile de te quitter mais vaut mieux maintenant que jamais é-é"
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    Pierrette Venne from the Bloc was probably one of the most beautiful MP. Caroline St-Hialire from the bloc is darn cute too.

    Caroline St-Hilaire

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