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Thread: Stick with someone your own age!

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    Stick with someone your own age!

    Study: Sex Outside One’s Age Range can Lead to STDs
    by Kathee Brewer
    GAINESVILLE, FL -- A new study by a University of Florida epidemiological team indicates having sex with partners who are much older or much younger can expose people to sexually transmitted diseases.

    As part of a study about ways to reduce STD transmission, UF epidemiology professor Stephanie Staras investigated the relationship between sexual partner selection and disease. Among the transmission factors her study discovered were obvious ones, like pre-existing conditions and number of previous partners. Other indicators included having spent time in jail and drug or alcohol abuse.

    The most surprising indicator to emerge from the study was that people who have sex with partners who are five or more years older or younger are more likely to experience an STD.

    “Partner selection is an area of STD prevention that could complement what we are already doing with promoting condom use, and could possibly really help people,” Staras told The Register. “If somehow we could convince individuals to incorporate this information in a meaningful way into their decision-making, then we could reduce STDs.”
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    One of the dumbest things I've ever read
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    Quote Originally Posted by YouVantOption
    Study: Sex Outside One’s Age Range can Lead to STDs by Kathee Brewer
    "Staras’ research included surveys of people who were seen at STD clinics between 1999 and 2002. The resulting report, “Sexual Partner Characteristics and Sexually Transmitted Diseases Among Adolescents and Young Adults,”

    They surveyed people at STD clinics, 7-10 years ago, and think their results are applicable today? They also decided that dating outside the 5 year range was an issue in contracting STD's... to which party, the older or younger? Is it men dating old/younger, or women? If younger people use condoms less frequently, wouldn't dating older/mature partners increase condom use... and wouldn't that help to prevent STDs?

    I did not read the entire study, because IMHO the study was out of date as soon as it was published.


    btw I don't usually respond to this type of thread, where the thread starter posts an article without bothering to post his own opinion, but I had nothing better to do
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    Let's see:

    1- We take 2 couples: one who's about 40, male and female and one who's about 20, male and female also. That should cover the "outside of age range".

    2- We get both couples in quarantine, wait for whatever incubation period to pass and then get them tested. No sex from the start of quarantine till the results are back and negative!

    3- The 40yo have sex together and the 20yo have sex together. No contact between the 2 age groups is allowed.

    4- Once they had sex, the quarantine continues and, after the required incubation period, some more tests again.

    5- If the results are negatives, we swap the girls! The old 40yo pig is now banging the 20yo nypho and the old 40yo bag is showing new tricks to the 20yo playboy.

    6- Once the party is over, incubation period in quarantine and some more tests.

    7- Repeat this experience or do concurrently with over 1000 pairs of couples (4000 peoples).

    Now, if the results of the study in post #1 have ANY scientific value, there should be at least 1 person who will be infected with something after the experience above. But for this to happen, the disease will have to create itself out of the blues, the tests must be faulty or the quarantine wasn't maintained properly.

    The study on post #1 is comparing apples and oranges because there's too many variables involved. How many partners were involved with each participants and how many used condoms is only 2 of them.

    This study is equivalent to saying 60% of peoples with AIDS have brown eyes so, AIDS attack peoples with brown eyes more than others, without considering what's the percentage of general population who have brown eyes.
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    Ahh, statistics!

    Thanks metoo4, you gave me a good laugh! I was imagining the 40 yo pig with the young nympho... ahhhh !
    Of course the study is biased. The age difference is not the real cause to the higher risk! It has to do with risk-related behaviours! Example, there could probably be a group of older people who come out of stable closed relationships and date multiple younger partners. The real risk is the multiple partners...
    Another possibility would be that the age difference simply came out by fluke as positive, which is often something that happens in certain types of studies where you are fishing for a link between variables and try multiple combinations. The more combinations you try, the more chances one will come out positive just by chance!
    It makes me think of a study that came out 15 years ago maybe, stating that asthmatics who use ventolin (the asthma pump) a lot have more chance of dying...some people made out of it that ventolin itself was bad and would increase your chance of dying!! Of course! The sicker you are, the more you use your asthma pump! It's a marker of sickness, not a cause dying...

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    It's true, really!

    Yeah I remember a lifestyle scientific study one time, carried out in a lab, which focused on the correlation between chocolate bar eating and the incidence of cancer among merbites. And the conclusions were earthshaking:

    Eating too many chocolate bars is bad for your rat!
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    Yeah, you geezers out there stick with other seniors!

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