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    I did a search but didn't find any relevant posts more recent than 2007. My GF and I would like to have sex in front of others, as well as watch others having sex. Preferably with other couples; I'm not sure I really want single guys watching me do my GF. We're not into swinging or partner swapping although it's something we may try one day. We'd like to do this anonymously. Any suggestions?

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    Your best bet is a swingers club

    There will be the odd single guy there watching but you dont have to be

    touched or swap. Some go to watch, others go and be watched.

    Its all up to you
    Stay thirsty my friends

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    Yes, go to a swingers club. Most clubs have some times (often Saturday night) which are only for couples. At Club 3333 (one of our favorites), there is a couples only room, with a big window for the single guys to watch through. Lots of people go to swingers clubs only to see and be seen, not to swap, so you will not be the only ones, everyone expects it.

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