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Thread: Recession hits German prostitutes

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    Recession hits German prostitutes

    Germany's prostitution industry comes up with special offers to weather flagging demand during the economic crisis.

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    Germany's slagging automotive industry picked itself up by offering a 2,500 euros rebate for trading in a car older than five years. Within days, all new cars in showrooms and lots were sold. Maybe they should consider the same for its slumping prosititution industry. Could you imagine receiving money back and being able to choose the colour, body style and performance of a woman as if you were in an automobile showroom. Now that is what you call stimulus. I better pinch myself to get back to reality.

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    The recession is being felt by the girls at the clubs...ive been told by the girls that the guys are still visiting the clubs to enjoy all that the club offers (food, drink, sauna, hot naked chicks throughout) but that they are cutting back on the room visits. You'll see guys sitting next to hot naked chicks and chat away with the occasional grope...but never making the move to take her to the room.

    Not good for the girls...but great for visitors like me. The hot girls usually make enough on a good they are returning to work on the slower weekdays which gives me more choices.

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    I wonder if that sort of thing is a leading indicator of how the economy is doing. If things get better there does it mean the economy is improving?

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    It sure isn't hitting here...i always end up waiting at my usual places...

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    CBC Radio reported today that the economy has even hit the sex industry. In Thunder Bay, street walker prices have dropped by 50%.

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