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Thread: Bdays you share with celebs

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    Bdays you share with celebs

    Go on WIKI and type in your bday to see which celebs you share bdays with

    Post your faves

    March 14
    -Quincy Jones (music mogul)

    -Billy Crystal (actor)

    -Kiana Tom (Fitness hottie)

    -Larry Johnson (ex nba player)

    -Colby O'donis (R&b artist)

    -Brianna Love (american porn star)

    -Albert Einstein (famous mathematician)
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    June 6

    1933 – The first drive-in theater opens, in Camden, New Jersey, United States

    1983 – Gianna Michaels, American porn actress
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    April 22

    1937 - Jack Nicholson

    1950 - Peter Frampton

    1964 - Chris Makepeace
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