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    Pick-up bars

    Hey folks,

    I'm coming to montreal next week, I love this city. Although, I don't feel getting an escort this time. I think I will opt for a good hunt this time. Where are the best places around downtown to pick up women?

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    oliver, was the name of the designer jean owner, David Bitton? just curious.

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    Quick story, my buddy and I went to Vatican Club on Crescent Avenue Friday night. We started doing shots with a bartender, a hot blonde - Rebecca. We generously tipped after each round and evenutally, my buddy requested a body shot. She laid down on the bar top, lifted her shirt, unzipped her pants halfway for a very generous slice of her belly. She sprayed whipped cream from below her bra down to the top edge of her panties. She then put a slice of lemon in between her teeth and motioned another bartender to pour a shot. Meanwhile, all the customers were staring in anticipation. The shot poured, she beckoned my buddy and he took the plunge. He licked off the whipped cream, tongue bathed the region above her panties, went for the lemon in her mouth and then DFKd her for a good 10 seconds under the noses of all the customers and other bartenders.

    I have been in the nightclub industry for almost 10 years and have never witnessed such an incident involving an employee on the clock at a mainstream, legitimate night club.

    After the make out session, she got up and over the course of the next 10-15 minutes, she made out with my buddy 3 more times across the bar. They exchanged phone numbers before we made our exit.

    She never returned his calls later in the night - she must have sobered up and/or got reprimanded by her manager. But I gotta say, despite all the dances we got from all the hot strippers at Chez Paris and Wandas and the services we received from the SPs, this was the most amusing event of our weekend.

    Question, to clubbers in Montreal - does this sort of thing happen frequently there?

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    EGB - yes, someone did mention Circus as a hot after hours spot. I never made it out there due to my drunken stupor. Please don't spare the details, if you have the skinny. You see, I only get an oppty to travel to your great city only once in a blue moon. The last time I was there was 6 years ago . . . I need to live vicariously! The city I call home is very conservative.

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