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    Anybody ever try this, it leaves spots on your skin so be careful.

    I had my arm done and I said stop as I did not want the wife asking me what
    happenned..Is it hocus pocus or is it legit, another name for it is Meridian Scraping.


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    What has this go to do with massage parlours ??

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    That stuff has been around for ages... here's one Lady's reaction to it:

    Lady Macbeth:
    Out, damn'd spot! out, I say!

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    Quote Originally Posted by xxfree01
    What has this go to do with massage parlours ??
    It was offerd and given by an indy, the marks are finally going away..


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    It was a warning not CRAP.....I don't care where it goes. It was simply pointing out a potential problem with the wife IF you have one.


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    Any unknown treatmments are at you own risk

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