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Thread: Montreals newest addition.

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    Montreals newest addition.

    Hello Everyone,

    I would like to introduce you to We are Montreal's newest agency. I am still fine tuning the site so you might notice a few errors and I would love to hear your opinion or suggestions to making it better.

    I am looking forward to serving you all for a long time. After having spent the last few months researching the Montreal market I believe that I have come up with a winning concept. I looked at many sites and really liked a few. I believe that the recession has hit hard and therefore people are careful of where they are spending there money and looking for the best deals. Our rates are going to be a low 140$ an hour for the first week and I promise you that after giving us a shot you will be very pleased with the service.

    All of the young ladies that I recruit will be the total package. Girl next door look with a outgoing spirit!! They enjoy having as much fun as you do and will mesmerize you. They will arrive to you with a bottle of wine and prepared to pamper and spend an enjoyable moment with you.

    Our staff is smaller then most but we will grow with your support and I urge you to please help me come up with ideas that will benefit everyone.

    I do have a few ideas up my sleeve and will be sharing them bit by bit so please stay tuned and keep a look out for whats next.

    [email protected]

    EDIT: Before anyone starts PMing me, this is a new advertiser who is waiting for their account to be properly set up and is posting with complete permission of Fred Zed.


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    Mailing lists

    Good morning gentlemen,

    I am putting together a mailing list and was wondering what or if that is something clients appreciate or if they just see it as spam. If you do not want to receive it just let me know when you email me not to add you to the list.

    I will be sending out an email weekly with specials, ideas, new talent.


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