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Thread: Funny lines in Merb literature

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    Funny lines in Merb literature

    Hello everybody,
    Apart from being informative Merb can be pretty entertaining too. I am inviting you to share some of the lines that you found funny.

    Here`s something that brings a smile .. don`t know if it was intended to be funny -

    "I`ve refused one girl in 10years of hobby. It was Claudia with devilish. That night I decided to call devilish to book his new girl. When I called Chris I asked him very clearly: Is she the same Claudia who used to work with SD? He said NO NO I`m sure NO. So i said OK. At 10.00 guess who`s knocking my door??? CLAUDIA FROM SD." - MarathonMan circa 6-June-2009

    epilogue: again MarathonMan "I send her back, her reaction was not good at all and she really takes it personally."
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    yes it was intended to be funny...even through bad experiences we can always have a small touch of humour. I'm sometimes really sarcastic...

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    Ive been trolling this forum for a while now, and by far MM is my fav poster..not only he posts all his negative exp which is very helpful, but also the way he presents the situation is just that much amusing to someone like me..

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