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Thread: Lilly Lombard : Summer in Montreal

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    Lilly Lombard : Summer in Montreal

    Hello Everybody,

    This message is to announce that I am officialy back from my (extended) vacations. I will be available in Montreal for most of the summer. I will be offering regular appointments for single male and couples or duos with my good friend Mora More.

    Regular friends and extended appointments have the priority as I am planning to enjoy my summer and do not wish to attend more than 1 appointment per week.

    The best way to contact and inquire about my availabilities is as usual, via email : [email protected] . Please note that I will be changing my email address over the next few weeks because I have been receiving ridiculous amount of spam which makes my task of answering emails very unpleasant. I will keep you updated when the change happens.

    ** I do not in any way use Yahoo IM or any other IM method. All messages sent that way will be lost. **

    Wishing you all a good summer.

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