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Thread: I just can't say no to a pretty face

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    Question I just can't say no to a pretty face

    Okay, some of us are "assmen" if you will, some "want big breasted", and others have a propensity towards immensity (BBW). While I appreciate the entire package, I can't just can't say no to a pretty face. Keeping in mind that beauty is ultimately in the eye of the beholder, who do fellow Merbites think are the cutest MTL SPs. I've been in town since last summer and have enjoyed the company of about 30 Montreal lovelies. In no particular order, the cutest whom I recollect are:

    Daphne @ GOF
    Marie-Eve @ WOP
    Sophia @ Eleganza
    Virginie @ Geisha
    Charlie @ DEV

    Version française

    Qui est la "SP" avec le plus joli visage?


    Daphne @ GOF
    Marie-Eve @ WOP
    Sophia @ Eleganza
    Virginie @ Geisha
    Charlie @ DEV
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    Kellie of Eleganza

    Have you been with Kellie of Eleganza. OMG is she cute!

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    This is usually the feature we can read the best. It probably has a lot to do with determining chemistry before contact. Unfortunately it is the one feature usually missing from the galleries of SP websites even though the reason maybe a valid one.

    Which leads me to comment that when pictures including the face are shown, I think a pretty smile would go a lot further than the serious scowls some of the girls are sporting. Not all the guys are looking for an animal.
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    Brandy @ MSC

    Brandy @ MSC is very pretty. Model material in my book.

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    At the last GT, I saw among others Samantha (Indy) and Anita (GEMS) and for me, up to now, they were the prettiest faces I've seen so far in this business here.
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