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Thread: Looking thru the eyes of a newbie

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    Looking thru the eyes of a newbie

    I've been away too long from the Montreal scene it seems, everywhere I look im finding that things have's have gone out of business, new agency's have sprung up, old agency's have changed their names etc. I've also taken a look at the advertising section and now see old trusted agency's advertising here. And many of the websites now have their own board section to keep people updated.

    I've also noticed the price increase...but also notice a few agency's promoting 'discounts' and the like. I even pm'd an agency over a comment about a price comment in their post and was told 'we are normally $180 but for now we are only charging $160'. Also noticed that Xtase today is discounting Chanel for $160...not sure if this is just for her or a new trend to compete with the Devilish team.

    And looking at the agency's website im shocked to see only a handful of escorts still around from my last visit. Good news in a way since almost every agency that I plan on calling should have 2 or 3 girls on my list. Bad news is I might have too many choices and will have to pass on some fine talent....or just see 3 a day once again (not 5 a day like in Germany though).

    I've also noticed many of the posters from the past are now absent...or just silently surfing. Gone is Tony...or is he? GG was here, then gone, then gone again. No more Orallover posting 10 times a day, 12 of those posts making no sense whatsoever . And you know you've been gone so long that reading Doc Holliday's reviews leave's you totally clueless what agency he's referring to in his post. And can't forget EB, he's still sitting at the poolside waiting for NL to come over and say hello (inside joke to Doc).

    The good old days...ran across a montreal porno on the internet and they had a scene shot outside showing that one stripclub (sexxy something) that I remember fondly always passing up in order to visit club Downtown.

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    I'm in the same situation. I stopped hobbying in Montreal around 2004 (for personal reasons). The last time I saw an escort here was in 2007. Her name was Yona, a lovely 38 years old working for Satin Dreamz or Montreal Sex City, I don't really remember.

    I'm kind of puzzled because I don't know what to choose between a girl working for an agency and an indy. On one hand, I don't trust agencies and the girls are sometimes too young. On the other hand, the process of going out with an indy seems to complicated and some of them are not my type or are too old. (I've spotted three or four that seem to be very good though)

    I missed the time when it was more simple here.
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    Agency do offer 160 sometimes for downtown only. And some agency offer "special of the night" wich usually consist of 1 or 2 girls at 160, like a way to give more booking to a lady wich may be not book as much as another one in a week... Im just guessing but i think its that.

    I am a newbie so you can look trought my eyes but i already got a padawan(inside joke to the guy who will recognize himself) so i think im doing fine
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