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Thread: Vibe's new music on their website

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    Vibe's new music on their website

    Don't you just love it when an agency decides to add the music feature to their website...but forget to add an on/off button...and the music gets louder and louder...while your at work Wonder how many guys they just pissed off

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    The site also has this bizarre pop-up that forces you to upgrade your browser in order to view it. Well, I don't want to upgrade my browser right now, so I can't view the site. With all these hassles and the SP name-changing, and other strangeness, I doubt they will get my business anytime soon.


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    This agency started out on a good note but seemed to have declined since then.

    The web site looks professionally done but unfortunately the pics are more mom and pop quality.

    From what I remember reading from another thread it's no longer run by the same people that started it.
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    There was a discussion about escorts web sites not long ago. And another a while longer. And some more before that... Maybe they should take a peek? The consensus was always the same with the KISS principle winning hands-down. Keep It Simple, Stupid!

    Music? NEVER a good idea, no matter if it's St-Nowhere Church of Chastity. If I want music, I'll go to a site wher I can listen to music on my own.

    Flash and all that overkill junk? Good example of where the presentation takes-over and have more importance than clearly and simply present the product. For me it's a no-go and I usually close the window pretty fast...

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