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Thread: Fireworks in MTL for St Jean-Baptiste Celebration

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    Fireworks in MTL for St Jean-Baptiste Celebration

    Hello Merbites, does anybody know where the fireworks display will be this evening for the Plateau Mount Royal Area? I tried to Google some info, but couldn't come up with anything .

    TIA for Any Help and Bonne St- Jean (I think that's correct, lol)

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    There is rarely firework on St-Jean-Baptiste day because there is a very old tradition of lighting bonfires to celebrate. As early as the settlement of the Nouvelle-France, people would make bonfires to celebrate St-Jean-Baptiste and celebrate at the same time summer solstice. People would celebrate and light up the shortest nights of the year. This tradition even existed in Europe before.

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    if there would be any fireworks, it would be either at the old montreal, or near.
    But going to the big park near mt.royal street and ave, du park street tonight could be fun

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