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Thread: While perusing the employment ads on Craigslist...

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    While perusing the employment ads on Craigslist...

    I stumbled upon this ad mentioning the following:

    Sexy waitress for private social club
    Seeking a waitress for night shifts at a social club in ville st laurent.
    Please email with picture and previous experience.

    A private social club (stripclub maybe???) in Ville St-Laurent, no less!?
    And no Bernies doesn't count

    The only one I remember but closed down in the late 90's was "Harem" on Gouin West corner of Lachappelle.

    I wonder where this new club is???

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    OK so just send them your email with picture and previous experience
    and let us know where it is

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    I'm also curious about this

    The way the ad is written the place of employment is not new as they are

    only looking for 1 waitress.

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    My friend answered the ad but she never got a reply back

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    Could be anything.
    For my business, we sometimes put up ads similar to that one just to hire couple of sexy waitresses for some entertainment at private events for our Business partners. But Craiglist would not be the place I would post such ads (I just don't trust what's on there).

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    She still hasnt received a reply

    Any news?

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    Bumping this back up

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