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Thread: Need to Improve my written french

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    Question Need to Improve my written french


    Does anyone know of a website or computer application whereby I can learn to improve my written French. Speaking is not a problem, it's the written as I've mentioned.


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    Thanks for the answer My_dingaling, but I'm aware of this program. But it doesn't suit my need to learn French. The problem I have with French is the conjugation, big problem to this effect, therefore this is what I need to learn . . . any websites or applications ?!


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    Give this site a try. These are audio lessons, but they do describe the written spelling for verb conjugation. The lessons are podcasts that you can download to an MP3 player. And best of all they are FREE.

    You might want to skip to around lesson 40 - 45, where they start verb tenses and conjugation.

    The guy's got a Scottish accent though. Go figure!!!

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    Je te suggère d'aller sur les sites d'écoles ou de bibliothèque, où il y a souvent des exercices pour les enfants...
    Ça a peut être l'air idiot, mais tu peux choisir ton niveau.
    En tout cas, c'est ce que je fais avec ma grande fille...
    Aussi, dans les librairies, tu peux trouver des manuels pour t'aider...

    En tout cas, bonne chance!

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    Remember the question :
    What the f*ck Quebec wants ?

    It's not only about language.
    And you should know it !

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    Quote Originally Posted by My_dingaling
    Oh yeah, It's not about language per se, but the power of being a medium sized fish in a pond.

    As long as America will stand just beside us.... Canada will always stay a guppy anyway ! Simply because Canada is trying to be like America and will never stand a chance of out-doing it !

    So please.... unless you want to be different and start being proud for being different like many, many, many countries in the world do.... why don't you stop trying to copy everything America is doing while thinking you're a big fish !

    Canada is a small fry and will stay until, simply because the mentality of the loosers (red neck) is still here.

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