I wrote this a lil while back.
I hope you like it

She opens her soul at sunrise
Her taste buds already titillated by a drop of morning dew
Nourishing herself from the bounty of godís earth
Supplemented by love from nurturing caregivers

She matures quickly
Her body growing longer, leaner and more beautiful every day
She was conceived to provide pleasure
And excite the senses of all her admirers

And as she matures
Her sex develops rapidly as if she was destined to reproduce
But unabashed by her sexual nature
She offers it to all for the world to see

She welcomes any touch
A strangerís hand caressing and stroking her velvety exterior
Few can resist the urge to inhale
From the center of her being

But with all her beauty
And all the desire to provide others with erotic pleasures
The day of her calling approaches
Her life is destined to be cut short

This is the life

Of a flower