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Thread: SO + friends

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    SO + friends

    My gf only has 1 friend

    Is that a bad thing or a blessing in disguise?

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    I got to ask: Why this thread?

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    I am me, too!
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    Quote Originally Posted by thebitchelor View Post
    Like daddyxxx, i only have one good friend (my man), the rest is just a bunch of people that I get together with once in a while. And im happy like that..When i have too many people around me i feel like I suffocate...(i dont know if i can say it like that in english)..but i get uncomfortable very fast..(maybe i worked too much in clubs and things like that...)

    I'm solitary
    In that sense, I'd say you're right. I'm the same way. But is a soul mate a friend or more than that? To me, it's more so, I don't see my gf as a traditional friend.

    But what if MB talks about a third person in the relation?

    It is true that MB's post, without more info, is pointless.

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    Wanted to hear my fellow merbites opinions on the subject

    My gf only has 1 friend she speaks about

    We either hang out the 2 of us or with my friends thats ok cuz they love her

    Just find it odd that such a great girl only has 1 friend

    At least she doesnt have guy friends and I dont have to worry about them wanting to fuck


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