Hi everyone,

This message is for explanations about my prices and services. Since I am working as an indy, some guys are complaning about my prices and I would like to clarify the reason why. Here, I do just a few massages a week and for one type of customer only. My prices are the same I have always been charging in the past and the options are the same also, the 50$$ added, is of course for the rent of the room and the jaccuzzi. Some guys would like me to take off that 50$$, but I don't have 4 girls working for me at the same time to pay my rent and my bills, so I will keep it that way.

You guys must realise that you pay exactly the same price that if you see me at a massage parlour, but you get more in terms of privacy, quality, space, time to talk, etc..., if I compare to other places I have worked before.

I clearly realize that those upscales services that I offer are not for everyone but it is exactly the purpose. I have decided to open a business thet offer what my clients are looking for. In the market today, there is everything available for everyone, you just have to choose what is right for you and do not ask people that have made commited choices to change everything for you.

Thanks for your comprehension,

Kim xxx