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Thread: Aleeva's rates raised?

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    Aleeva's rates raised?

    How long ago did Aleeva raise her rates to 500/2 hours from 450?

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    Maybe she is keeping more $ to herself. who knows.

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    Raising rates is not inconsistent with having less business. I've seen it happen in more than one professional service enterprise.

    The stated logic is that you have a core of steady clients not sensitive to price pressure. Increasing rates to them hopefully more than offsets any incidental business you may or may not lose.

    Personally I think the above reason is generally not well founded, and that the real reason can often be that personal revenues are down and people find this the easiest way to maintain their standard of living for at least the short term. In Aleeva's case there way also be a "we're as good as the competition and need to show it" element.

    "I may be wealthy but that doesn't mean I like wasting money." - Carnagie
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    Aleeva's increase may bring back some girls down to LDL agency's. It's not all Aleeva's girls that are worth the 500$/h donation.

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    after this week I'd agree

    I saw 3 of Aleeva`s girls this week. Although I had an ok time with each I would agree that the rate of the 450 for two hours was NOT worth it. Compared to FKS and the companions, I found these girls more in the 160-180 per hour range.

    With both FKS and the companions I consistently leave smiling and don`t think much about the money I just parted with. I guess that`s what will keep some coming back to the 500/2hr HDH.

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