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Thread: "Office québécois de la langue française" & Ville de Montreal Completely Useless

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    "Office québécois de la langue française" & Ville de Montreal Completely Useless

    My daughter has mild allergies and it is important that I be able to read the labels on food. Federal legislation dictates that these labels must be in English and French, but in my neighborhood, The Plateau Mount Royal, this is often not the case.

    I complained to the city and they said because I was east of Saint-Laurent Boulevard, that the law didn't apply . When I contacted the OLF, they wouldn't help either. I guess some Federal laws don't apply provincially in Quebec

    Have any other Montrealers had similar difficulties? And does anyone know why provincial law supersedes federal law in Quebec?

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    If only I knew...
    Of course, you are way too important to do some digging on your own, right?

    Total time for this search: 5 minutes, including this cut-paste and highlighting the important parts you would have likely missed.
    2.4 Bilingual Requirements [B.01.012, B.01.054; 6,CPLR]

    All mandatory information on food labels must be shown in both official languages, i.e., French and English, with one exception:

    • The identity and principal place of business of the person by or for whom the prepackaged product was manufactured, processed, produced or packaged for resale, may be in either English or French.

    In addition, all information on the labels of the following may be in one official language only:

    • Shipping containers that are not offered for sale to consumers;
    • Local products sold in a local area in which one of the official languages is the mother tongue of less than 10 percent of the residents;
    • Official test market products (see 2.15, Test Market Foods); and
    • Specialty foods, as defined by the Food and Drug Regulations.

    The province of Quebec has additional requirements concerning the use of the French language on all products marketed within its jurisdiction. Information on these requirements can be obtained from:
    Centre québécois d'inspection des aliments et de santé animale
    200 Chemin Sainte-Foy
    Québec, Québec G1R 4X6
    Tel.: (418) 380-2120 and 1-800-463-5023
    Fax: (418) 380-2169
    email: [email protected]
    Quebec French language labelling information can also be found at the Website of l'Office de la langue française:
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    Somebody who would do this mainly for his kid's health would go to the source to get information, not to an ESCORT site where he is know to complain regularly of being treated unfairly by the bad bad frenchies (his word).

    His goal is again to bash French language and French culture. If he'd be in Germany, that would be in German. He's in Québec and here, according to the text I provided above, there's nothing wrong with the situation.

    And if I would be concerned for my kid's health, I would simply ASK somebody to translate for me or, even safer, buy the damn product, bring it home and translate it myself or get it translated by somebody I trust, What's a few dollar spent for a product my kid can't use compare to it's health? It's not like I can't use the product myself so it's not wasted anyhow...
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    He bitches against french in about 50% of his post.

    How original.

    Ocoq, when in Rome.....

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    When I contacted the OLF, they wouldn't help either
    Let me get this straight contacted the OLF because there was NO English on the package? The OLF are there to complain to if there IS English on the package. They'll probably send the store a letter of commendation.

    Seriously though, whatever you were buying it wasn't packaged by a major company and was probably some local product or store packaged product. Look, Oqoc, if you're going to live in Quebec take some French lessons, read a local paper, watch French television and try to pick up some of the language or buy a book or a home computer French language course. But do something or at least stop complaining about it.

    And if you buy food and you aren't sure if it contains a particular ingredient, try asking someone who works there. I'm sure they would be happy to help. If they aren't, then spend your money elsewhere.

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    Why is this site continuing to allow language-related threads, which we all know, almost always provoke flame wars?

    There are a lot of mainstream sites where one can get into such debates. Even though it is the lounge area, I think there is enough of a history here to see where this and other threads like it, eventually end up.

    If the mods want to tolerate this sort of thing, then so be it.

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    I call bullshit on this.

    Packaging is always in English and French. Occasionally in specialty stores one can find products that don't comply with labelling regulations but it is very rare.

    The OLF is a provincial office. If the original poster was concerned about the application of federal laws, he would have called a federal office.

    As for the city (a) they are not involved in the administration of federal laws and (b) if someone actually did say that different laws apply "east of St. Lawrence" either it was probably said in jest.

    Somebody who would do this mainly for his kid's health would go to the source to get information, not to an ESCORT site where he is know to complain regularly of being treated unfairly by the bad bad frenchies (his word).
    More circumstantial evidence that the original poster's story was just made up.

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    John, we all know the original poster is full of it but don't call that one too quick. Read the link I posted. It comes from a site that belong to the Canadian Government.

    The point is, those are likely products sold by Jean Tremblay from Avenue Mont Royal, products that Jean Tremblay buy in bulk from la ferme de Léon St-Pierre on the south shore and chances are neither Léon or Jean speak English and have no intention to sell these products outside Québec. Why should Léon and Jean pay to get an official translation of their labels done when they are small local business with 95% of their target customers speaking French and living almost within walking distance from the place where they sell? That's what the law is talking about.

    If it would be about safety, we would have to write-down the ingredient list in all the languages on hearth! Come on! It's not like it was impossible to easily get a translation! And it's not like whatever somebody is allergic to can't be learned in french!

    When somebody really have it's kid's safety at heart, not having the intent to be seen as a martyr, that person can easily learn that "lait" means "milk", "arachides" means "peanuts" or whatever! It's not a question of language or politics, it's a question of safety and good sense.

    A friend of mine is allergic to peanuts, deadly allergic. Believe me, he know the word "peanuts" in the language of whatever place he visit, he make a point to find-out how it's written AND how to pronounce it properly so, Ocoq, isn't your kid's safety worth stepping on your misplaced pride and isn't it time to learn some French? Not for the "frenchies" but for the love of your kid.
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    I don't understand why the Mods just don't enforce the original ban on Ocoq, imposed back when he was Anglophuck. It would save the board a whole lot of problems. Tolerating someone who blatantly sidesteps bans by registering a new user name just reduces respect for the Mods' decisions generally.

    And by the way, Ocoq, it not just the so-called 'Frenchies' who 'get angry' at you. Many of us Anglos get pissed off at you because: (a) You are a walking caricature of the "Ugly Anglo" that the anti-Anglo forces love to use as an example; and (b) Your complaints are an exact mirror image of those used by anti-English agitators in Quebec. It's scary how alike you sound:

    -"I couldn't get served in [English/French] at a restaurant [East/West] of Saint-Laurent"
    -"My food only has labeling in [English/French] in violation of the law"
    -"[English/French] people are biased against me and my family because I'm [French/English]"
    -"Why are people speaking in [English/French] to me?"

    Simple logical consistency requires that if we think some crazy Jeune Patriote is silly, annoying, and often a bigot when he spouts such rubbish, we must think it of you when you spout the same.

    Sorry to the board for the language-related blast only tangentially related to the thread topic. I just couldn't hold it in any more. I don't think I've ever known someone so obtuse.

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    If only I knew...
    Yos, you nailed it right on.

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    Hello everyone,

    We were aware that Ocoq was previously Anglophuck. When this was discovered, we decided to give him a chance to see if he was serious about becoming a worthwhile member of MERB. He was also notified that we were aware of his former handle and warned to stay away from such posts that had gotten him banned originally. As things have turned out, it seems that he is more interested in complaining about having to learn a bit of French than he is in anything else.

    As a result of this, he has been banned permanently from MERB. He was given a second chance and he wasted it. He will not be given another.

    We understand that language topics will come up on MERB on occasion and that they may get quite heated at times. But that is a different situation than having a member who includes language complaints in most every post he makes. This is unacceptable. MERB is and has always been a bilingual board where the members may express themselves freely in the language they feel most comfortable with. This is not about to change. Any member who is not willing to accept this should not be here.

    Thank you,

    Mod 8

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    Ironically enough

    A few years back The Ottawa Citizen ran a story about a bakery in south-eastern Ontario who thought it was unfair that they needed to have their baked goods labeled in two official languages when they were only offering them for local sale... They didn't see the need for French in this case.

    Maybe it was as a result of that complaint that the federal law was changed and now we can have unilingual French food labeling on the Plateau .

    Vive le Canada! By the way I love my country, but often give my head a shake.
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    I really doubt Ocoq was even a "new" anglo in Montreal.

    His new nickname is surely a reference to the Mordecai Richler
    book : O Canada, O Quebec and he would be more likely to be
    familiar with this book if he was from here. Either an anglophone
    shitdisturber or a francophone who likes to makes anglophones
    look bad.

    Bye, we won't miss ya!
    J Edgar Whoever

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    I figured he got his name from the Au Coq BBQ chicken restaurants. Probably heard the name somewhere but didn't know how to spell it. It's French you know. Au, O, it's an honest mistake. Suitable too since it seems he's been cooked.
    And the Lord said unto John, "Come forth and receive eternal life." But John came fifth and won a toaster.

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