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Thread: Sex in Nightclubs

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    Post Sex in Nightclubs

    I've seen previously that there is a place or are places in Montreal where there is on occasion live sex taking place in a nightclub and allowed. One example is Petit Peche having a gangbang in a club.

    Would anyone have any idea where, when these take place? Is there some kind of secret sex show society?


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    Here are a few on premises clubs:

    - L'Orage (not what it used to be)
    - Les Libertins (not open now I think, changing administration?)
    - Le Céleste (fairly new, a bit dull)
    - Sauna 1082 (dacing on main floor, rooms on 2nd floor and sauna downstairs)
    - Sophdream Studio (not a club, but private parties, they film stuff)
    - Chez Catherine (private club)
    - Montreal Sexy Boat (sexy cruises)

    These are the main ones, but there are other clubs that are on invitation and with reference. I've tried most of them, ymmv because you never know who will be there the night you go, and each night is very different. Entry fees for single men are astronomical in all cases ;-)

    Have fun!

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    Franky sayz
    I have been to many of these clubs. both as a single male and sometimes with females in tow (either escorts or friends). I like the atmosphere and the vouyer aspect. Les Libertins now seems closed but gang bangs were amusing. L'orage has been very dead lately and a bit slow. I wouldn't go as a single guy. Le Celeste , I went on a wed night. It was slow with the action occuring later and rather slim. This was too bad as it was an organized party. This is why I have always wanted to arrange a merb gang bang. Could be quite amusing. The few times I have hinted at it, I have been luke warm received. Still................

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    Any updates on which of these clubs and which times are best for single men?

    I used to go to Les Libertins but they seems to be closed, is down.


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    Originally posted by hunter123
    I used to go to Les Libertins but they seems to be closed, is down.

    They had an ad about 10 days ago in Journal de Montreal stating that the re-opening was Sep. 4th under new administration. I don't know about the website though.

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    Thanks, Salmacis!

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    any update on these clubs?

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    Technically, these swingers clubs are not nightclubs, but private clubs (that's why they ask you for membership and to bring your own booze). RACJ (Quebec liquor control board) doesn't like to mix alcohol and sex. That's why SC lesbian shows are faked. The worst part is nothing really seem to block it in the law: http://www2.publicationsduquebec.gou..._9_1/P9_1.html
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    My gf and I are looking to watch live sex...sadly, she will not participate...anybody know of a great place?

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    I have a male partner with whom I can put on a live sex show, in a motel room. I also have a girlfriend who I believe would be game.

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    Tell me a little more about them and a link to you? <kiss on cheek>

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