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    Agency forums

    Many agencies now have their own private forums / member areas. I'm thinking of Devilish/GOF/Luxury, Eleganza and Xxxtase.

    Does anyone know what goes on in these clubs? What is required to join?

    The Devilish one has easy access, but the others do not auto-admit.

    Just curious.

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    Thanks johnMBOT, that's precisely what I wanted to know. Now I just have to figure out what the secret wink, walk and wave are. I suppose it's the same for xxxtase. Maybe when my yearly budget for the hobby passes from 3 figures to 5 or 6 I'll earn my way in.

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    I guess they let people in when they are regular clients and/or look at there standing here... I dunno, im member of the devilish board, signed up a while ago, way before my first meeting with one of there girls. But i don't know for the others.
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