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Thread: Which city is your pick to host the Olympics in 2016?

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    Which city is your pick to host the Olympics in 2016?

    The four finalist cities are: Chicago, Rio,Madrid, and Tokyo. The winner will be picked this Friday.

    Rio: I am against Rio being picked because of the violence and the security issue. Rio needs to clean up itself before being granted such an honor.

    Also, the weather in Rio is highly unpredictable. That is, it might rain nonstop the entire two weeks of the competition.

    Chicago: I am against Chicago being picked because the Americans keep on bitching about foreigners. Would the US government ease its rules about granting visas to foreigners in order to attend the games? Would they be treated like *&*& at the airports? Would the following question : Have you ever been with a prostitute " (KID YOU NOT!!!) be removed from the visa application?]

    I hope Madrid gets picked.
    Liberals have destroyed both the US and Canada.

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    I heard that Rio has the leg up if none of the cities nominated are picked on the first round, because Madrid will give the votes it gets to Rio. The economic situation in Spain is not very good. 16 percent unemployment and the government is threatening to raise taxes to cover the increased social welfare costs. They don't have the money to host.

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    Chicago is a great city.

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    Olympics have never been held in South America
    and this will help them clean up the ghettos, at least a little bit

    Spain just had them in Barcalona ... well 1992 not too long ago
    Salt Lake City just had them for the USA in 2002

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    I love Chicago so i hope it doesn't get them.

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    its official, Rio gets it

    I hope to someday go there and maybe this will help clean up the crime and help the poor,in the short term and long term, with jobs and not just displacement.

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    Honestly, I didn't thought that Rio could win. Centaurus is right when he pinpoints the security problems in Rio. Just an example (among so many others), last week a bus was hijacked by two gunmen.

    On the other hand, I think that there's a desire to change some negative aspects of the Brazilian society (the famous « jeitinho»). The fact that Rio organized with success the Pan American games a couple of year ago and the fact that they will organize the FIFA world cup in 2014 means a lot.

    What will be the outcomes for Rio? I don't know yet, Maybe it will reduce the criminality. Maybe not. Maybe it will attract to the city a hord of malandros (rogues or scoundrels)? Who knows?

    A thing is sure, Rio is slowly getting rid of his negative symbols. Take for instance the infamous HELP in Copacabana, the mecca of sexual tourism. Apparently Help will close next March. The site will be occupied by the Museu da Imagem e do Som. (Sound and Picture Museum)
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    Somebody today made a big doodoo and forget his 5th grade geography lesson:

    Summer in the northern hemisphere = Winter in the southwern hemisphere

    In lame words, that mean in June 2016 , it will be winter time in Rio. Sure, it ain't Montreal winter but it is still winter!

    Anyway, glad that Chicago did not get it.
    Liberals have destroyed both the US and Canada.

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    the 2016 summer games will be in August

    Average Rio de Janeiro Temperatures

    August high 76 F low 64 F
    high 24C low 18C

    this is the coldest it gets all year

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    Quote Originally Posted by centaurus View Post

    Anyway, glad that Chicago did not get it.

    Me too my fellow merbite

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    Quote Originally Posted by centaurus View Post

    Anyway, glad that Chicago did not get it.

    I'm glad it didn't get it because I like Chicago a lot.

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