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Thread: What would you do with a budget of...

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    What would you do with a budget of...


    Let's say you have that amount to spend in 5 days, who would you pick and for how long? 8 girls at RVRS for 1 hour or multiple hours with 2 HDH or... It could be a duo, trio, a night at the Libertins (I think Annick mentionned she would do it but don't know for how much) etc. You have to give names (girls and agency) and to stay within that budget.

    Let's see everybody's taste and suggestion...

    Have fun doing it

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    Better try the most you could, and repeat next time with who you click with.
    And post in merb after you're experience. lol

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    Don't worry I will

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    You could even add a girl that you haven't seen any review of or be curious of and I will choose one and include her on my list. I guess after all the help I found on the board, I will "take one for the team" as you say.

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