Good Morning to all!!!!

Hope that everyone has had a great weekend!!!!

Please call BILLY to inquire about our incoming week, and we are now beginning to take pre booking for the NIGHT SHIFT (ONLY the day of for now) at any time during the day as of 7am.

All you have to do is call during the day, leave your number and we will call you back in the order in which you called to present you with the NIGHT SHIFT'S LINEUP!!!!

This new protocol allows you the advantage of getting both the ideal night shift time slot and/or girl by just taking 2 minutes during your work day to call us. And because the lines are open as of 7am, you can even make that call BEFORE HEADING TO WORK!!!!!!


The Devils Protege

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Please call BILLY to make an appointment

**** Please note that the DEVILISH MEMBERS FORUM located on our homepage is now up and running. If you haven't registered yet ... YOU SHOULD and can BY CLICKING HERE!!!! Its FREE to register and being a member is the ONLY WAY to take advantage of our DAILY SPECIALS!!!!