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Thread: Terb?

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    Wassup with TERB???

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    anybody have a explanation

    I was kinda wondering myself what happend to terb, just went can't find server. I'm sure the Mods here can give a explanation. Sure hope it comes back soon best, part of my day.

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    Here . They upgraded the server so you need to update bookmarks.

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    peeping tom , thanks, got it have a good one

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    Lightbulb Can't resolve?

    If you can't get to Terb by the DNS name try this

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    terb & www. is working

    The DNS was just changed over on Monday, and it usually takes a good 48 hours before the change is seen by all ISP`s in the world.

    I would suspect by tommorw morning would be working fine for all who can not see it now.


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