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Thread: RIP Captain Lou Albano

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    RIP Captain Lou Albano

    From what I read an amazing man... a wrestler who lived to be 76... a remarkable feat in this industry. His trademark rubber band set him apart. I'd never heard of him but I know he will be sorely missed...

    (CNN) -- Legendary wrestling figure Captain Lou Albano, perhaps best known for his association with pop singer Cyndi Lauper, died Wednesday, according to World Wrestling Entertainment. Captain Lou Albano reached a new level of fame in the '80s with his association with Cyndi Lauper.

    Albano, 76, was "one of the company's most popular and charismatic legends," the company said in a statement.
    The cause of death was not immediately disclosed.
    "Albano began his storied career with Vincent J. McMahon in the 1960s as one half of 'The Sicilians' tag team with his partner Tony Altimore," the WWE said. "He will be greatly missed by the WWE and his fans."
    Albano, who was with the WWE from 1983 to 1996, was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame in 1996.
    He started as a tag team wrestler in the 1950s but became a successful manager of champion wrestlers in the 1970s, according to a biography on the WWE Web site.
    Albano was recognizable by his penchant for unbuttoned Hawaiian shirts and a trademark beard, which was usually bound by a rubber band.
    His persona earned him the distinction of "one of the most hated men" in wrestling for 15 years, the WWE biography said.
    Albano's image evolved in the 1980s, when he teamed with Lauper on several music videos, such as "Girls Just Want to Have Fun," and wrestling appearances.
    As his celebrity status grew, Albano landed acting jobs, including a role on several episodes of the "Miami Vice" TV series, the biography said.
    Albano became a cartoon in 1989, when he was the voice of Mario "Jumpman" Mario for 17 episodes of "The Super Mario Bros. Super Show!" according to the Internet Movie Database.
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    His first pro wrestling bout was in Montreal.

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    His persona earned him the distinction of "one of the most hated men" in wrestling for 15 years, the WWE biography said.

    What most people don't realize is that in the wrestling world this made him a great success... the wrestling world is like no other... it would perish without hated people in it... bad people are actually encouraged to be bad so there can be classic struggles between good and evil... this is what drew the crowds. I'd like to think that in later life Lou mellowed and was no more then mildly offensive.

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    Lots of nice tributes popping up and with them many kind comments by viewers... just do a Google search. Here's a picture of him from his wrestling days and a video of his Mario involvement.

    He was also called the "elastic man"... if you needed one he had one to give you... you can see how he carried extra ones. A little girl was having trouble keeping her Popsicle stick collection together and without being asked the gentle giant gave her an elastic. He would never tell people about his kindnesses.

    He went on to further success after his wrestling career unlike so many others.

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