Hello everyone,

We are very much aware that the No Review Policy has always been a source of contention with MERB members. While we have always stated the fact that we do not allow any SP or Agency to use the NRP for the purpose of hiding from bad reviews, unfortunately the same cannot be said for the Massage part of the industry. As this part of the hobby is a very sensitive area legally, we have always granted any request from a massage provider or parlor to institute a NRP. We are certain that it has been obvious to all members that there have been cases of massage providers requesting a NRP after a series of negative reviews have been posted, or after a member has been banned in a shilling attempt for said enterprise. But due to the sensitive nature of MP reviews, we cannot refuse such requests especially when reviews are too detailed which may lead to legal problems for the MP concerned.

In the goal of making the NRP more informative for members we are instituting the following change. In any case in which a massage provider or massage parlor requests a NRP following a series of negative reviews or a shill ban we will include a notice in the NRP noting the events leading up to the NRP being requested as in the following example:

XYZ Massage has requested a no review policy. Given this request, reviews and discussion of XYZ Massage will no longer be permitted.

PLEASE NOTE: We have received this NRP request following a series of negative reviews posted regarding this establishment. While these reviews have been removed as part of the NRP we wish to inform all members of the situation so that they may make their choices accordingly.

or in the case of a shill ban leading to a NRP request

PLEASE NOTE: We received this NRP request after "member name" was banned for shilling for this establishment. We wish to inform all members of the situation so that they may make their choices accordingly.
When it comes to the SP side of the hobby, we do not and never have accepted NRP requests for reasons other than retirement or personal safety reasons. If any member has information that a retired escort with a NRP has returned to the business and is currently working as an escort and can provide information by PM that we are able to verify, this NRP will be revoked.

The No Review Policy is not intended to be used by anyone for the purpose of hiding from bad reviews and we do not wish any member to feel that it is impeding his ability to write a fair and accurate review, good or bad.

We hope that these changes are welcomed by all members of the MERB community and any comments or suggestions are welcome and may be posted in this thread.

Thank you,
Mod 8 and the moderation staff of MERB