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Thread: Chris's "New Incredible Pre-booking System"

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    Chris's "New Incredible Pre-booking System"

    I've been ambivalent about Devilish in the past, having met some very nice young ladies from there as well as my all-time least-favorite (review posted 2 years ago). However, I'm a plan-ahead sort of guy and my wife made a majority of her recommendations from that family of agencies. I've learned to trust her instincts since, apparently, she sees totally different things in the pictures than I do.

    Anyway, I followed the instructions to call in the morning as described in the posting but didn't have any particular hopes. Imagine my shock when I did actually get a call back not at all long afterward. None of the girls I wanted to book were scheduled but he said he'd "see about it and call back." Big surprise. No, really - he did call back and offered me an appointment with one of my top choices and said he'd work on the others. I've now seen a second and a truly superb third. I have every confidence that he'll keep working over the next few days to keep me supplied with the wife calls "top-shelf totty."

    I'll post reviews on the actual encounters once I've had a chance to let the blood get back to my brain, but wanted to take the opportunity to post my thoughts about this pre-booking system and how it's been working for me.

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    Because of Chris's focus on customer service, he has left the other agencies in the dust. He has really stepped it up and it's often a pleasure dealing with Devilish and GOF. let's just hope that the prices for hobbying in this town doesn't continue to rise!

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    Exclamation New System

    Hello all,

    For this system to work it will take the effort of my whole team... So we will all work very hard to get this system too perfection. We have also taken the time in explaining this to all the girls as well......

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