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Thread: Madame Mayor Louise Harel

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    Madame Mayor Louise Harel

    How does that sound? Who you gonna vote for?

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    J'aurais peut-être voté pour elle mais je ne suis pas en situation de voter demain.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bond_james_bond View Post
    How does that sound? Who you gonna vote for?
    Are you kidding ? Unless you're in the mood for Halloween !
    I can just picture it ! We all gonna clean Mtrl with broomsticks !

    And what about Tremblay ? Get this guy out of here !!!!!
    If he didn't know what was happening around him...he's ain't gonna know sh*t about what's gonna happen in the futur !

    So you got this Bergeron guy ? Ah well ...

    What was the song again ?
    Eeny, meeny, miny, moe..whatever !

    any NFL on that night ?

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    Tremblay wins 3rd term!

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    How do you make a hormone,...................................You don't pay her!
    LH had to suck english cock to try to get elected. At the end she gets a kick in the ass.
    Not that I am happy with Mayor Trembley, it is just that I would rather see him mayor before I see LH in office.

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