Hello All,

I am bringing my brother to Montreal for his bachelor party (he is in the armed services and it's a bitch to leave the country, vegas was our first choice) and am looking for some entertainment.

Ideally, I need 2 girls to do a dildo show with a lot of physical contact with the viewers (6-8 guys). The show should last an hour and make sure all of the guys are happy (no fs). I also need 1 additional girl to "take care" of the groom in the bedroom.

The party will be in a loft we are renting out so no need to worry about hotel security.

References would be appreciated but not necessary, but ACTUAL photos will be required.

Please contact me on here or send a message to my e-mail (my username on this site)@yahoo.com

P.S. I also need a woman to deal topless poker for 1-2 hours. I have a college girl who needs some extra cash who is interested but would prefer to have someone who I know won't back out.