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Thread: Plagiarism - A Very Thorough Rebuttal

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    Plagiarism - A Very Thorough Rebuttal

    I`ve received a bucket load of emails from various escorts and (former) clients, telling me that there`s been a fairly recent thread on this board accusing me of plagiarism.

    I would have responded sooner, but I`m actually in a state of semi retirement, and check email infrequently (and boards not at all at the moment).

    At any rate, in the interests of accuracy, I thought I`d come on and post the same response I just sent to one of the many ladies who`ve emailed to bring this to my attention (and thanks to them for their support):

    Thanks for writing. I am actually retired, and had missed out on this drama.

    For what it`s worth, there`s a VERY easy way to see who wrote the text first (and I`ve had pretty much the same text for almost five years now). It`s called ``The Wayback Machine``, and it can`t be faked. It shows the historical versions of websites, including text.

    For example, here`s my Wayback listings, for my current site:*/

    Here`s the July 07 text of my site:


    Allow me to introduce myself - I`m Morgan Ellis. I`m a variety of things - a voluptuary, a sybarite, a hedonist, a companion, a fetishist. I am, in short, an escort. More than that, I`m of the firm belief that sensuality can and should be more than just a commercial transaction - it can be transforming and empowering for us both.

    Of course, if that doesn`t convince you, feel free to compare it with this even earlier version of my site, which has substantially unchanged text:

    I have sparkling hazel green eyes, short auburn hair*, and kissably full lips. My skin is smooth, soft and fair, and sprinkled with a dusting of freckles - echoes of my Welsh heritage. My figure is lush and curvily proportionate, and best described as an over sized hour glass. I have ample, all natural E cup breasts with full, dark, extrordinarily sensitive nipples. My derriere is generously heart shaped, tapering into full thighs and strong, toned calves.

    This version, by the way, is from 2005, and can be seen here:

    Coincidentally, I`m a charter member of ``I Don`t Have a Brain``, the group that outed plagiarist escort web sites. The irony does not go un noticed...

    I`ll accept Athana`s apology whenever she`s ready. I suppose she thought ``Hey, she`s not using it``...or something along those lines.

    Morgan Ellis
    Still semi retired, but still also claiming her creative commons license

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    New Career

    Consider a new career - writing copy for escort websites.

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    "I'm sorry, but not sorry"

    Athana's response on the other board (essentially a continuation of the 'pointing the finger away from me' exercise, which would surely earn her a gold medal if it were a recognized discipline at the Olympics):

    Quote Originally Posted by Athana
    Message to Dissection Tool and Ariane Valmont:

    Everybody knows who takes care of my website. During the revamping of my website in March 2009, he (webmaster) came accross Morgan Ellis's site.
    Being the similar type of woman than me (voluptuous and mature), he decided to "inspire" himself from her (Morgan Ellis) website and did exactly the same thing as all of you (check The Wayback Machine).
    He saw and verified that her website had not been updated since 2008; further more, he verified with T E R B and found out that her handle had not been used since January 2009 and was not advertising anymore.

    With all this in mind, he supposed that she had retired (as confirmed by her) and took the decision to "inspire" himself from that text.
    He and me made a judgement error and FULLY take responsabilities for this; and furthermore, the text will be removed from my website within the next 24hrs.
    We apologize to Morgan Ellis for any inconveniences and truly regret all this situation.

    Now... it's obvious that there was (and still is) an agenda behind all this story, because I ask myself...
    Why would somebody (Ariane Valmont and Dissection Tool) take the time to visit my website (being that Dissection Tool would never be interested in my services <very obvious>, and Ariane Valmont also), copy and paste the text, Google it, and find out what happened?... Very intriguing indeed!!

    I do have an idea... but that won't be discussed here!

    As for my "participation" (membership) on UTDSQ (Union des TDS du Québec), I have sent an email to all founders with my resignation.

    Well, Dissection Tool and Ariane Valmont, you got what you wanted, now please... "foutez moi la paix"!!

    This is my last "intervention" on this subject and have asked Tom the removal of my account and handle.

    Small note to Tom: Say thank you to some of your "well respected" (some of which have hidden agendas) for the loss of a Supporting Advertiser/Member.

    Once again, apologies to Morgan Ellis for our judgement error.


    Miss Athana and Webmaster

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    Quote Originally Posted by thebitchelor View Post
    what i find pathetic and no class isn't the fact that she is copying probably all her advertisement, but that she deny all the accusations against her even if the proofs are obvious that she did...she deny or put the blame on anybody else but her...(And in Morgan's case it's even worse: she was accusing Morgan herself to copy what she (Athana) had already posted!!! )

    Thanks for the support.

    What you mentioned above is actually the only reason I even bothered to get involved in all of this.

    I might be (semi) retired, but that doesn't mean that I still don't take my reputation seriously. In all of my years working, I never had a bad review, and I certainly never ripped off another woman's intellectual property.

    To have someone accuse me of plagiarism (someone who is, no less, well aware of just who in fact is the thief) is a slap in the face that I didn't feel comfortable just ignoring.

    Now that the matter is settled, I'll get back to my boring, civilian life


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