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Thread: Anybody thinks More Special Rates will be Offered

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    Kansas Frank

    Question Anybody thinks More Special Rates will be Offered

    Your neighbors down sourth are still experiencing low consumer confidence and people are spending less this Holiday, except the bankers who will be get huge year-end bonuses.

    For the rest of us, the Holidays (like 2008) will be bleak in the good old USofA.

    Since the Canadian dollar has reached near parity with the US dollar, Hobbyists in the states may find it more difficult to visit Canada. But what better way to kick out the old year and usher in the new year than to spend some lovely times with your favorite Montreal SP's.

    Long story short, anyone thinks the agencies and even the indies will offer Holiday specials?

    Kansas Frank

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    It all depends what the Normal Ratio of customer is

    I really don't know what percentage of revenue to the agencies is from the US and what is from Canada.

    The US being hit by this recession harder than Canada - 10 percent unemployment in the US vs. 8.5 percent in Canada. US customers usually spend more money during a short time whereas local customers would spend less more frequently.

    If US customers are 25 percent of the agencies revenue, it is a good chunk, but they still would get the bulk of their revenue from Canadians.

    I suppose that the recession plus the exchange rate has put a small dent in the US demand for traveling to Montreal, but I tend to think that most of their revenue comes from the local crowd.

    I know for myself that I was thinking about going to Montreal before the weather turned, but being the exchange rate is low and the economy is still shakey, I may put off my trip until early spring.

    I do see some agencies advertising 2 hr for $300 specials.

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