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Thread: 8.3 billion bonus for canadian bankers

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    8.3 billion bonus for canadian bankers

    fu Flarety and the rest of you shit heads in Ottawa. Harper shits say we dont want to put punative taxes on anyone. What about the Income Trust Tax that killed a lot of my own hopes. Bastard, bakers pay for their campains and now the pay back.

    It all works out in the end.. I hope
    Its the regulations not good mangement that saved their asses.. Probable liberal legistllation dont know for sure... But they lie to your face it nuts and nobody can do a thing.

    8,300,000,000.00 dollars thats a lot of hand jobs ITS NUTS and we pay for it

    ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh thats 415,000,000 hand jobs

    they are fucken us.

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    In the UK and the USA the government supported the banks, so you can argue that a tax on their bonuses would be fair there.

    In Canada, tax payers did not give any handouts at all to the banks. So what bonuses their employees receive is none of our concern, just like the salary that my neighbor makes is none of my concern.

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