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Thread: places open on christmas day

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    places open on christmas day

    Hi all, any SP/SC/MP places open in montreal on the 25th? I am in town visiting and I am hoping we can find a decent place. any suggestions are appreciated.

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    I've seen everyone close on St. Jean Baptiste day, and US Super Bowl Sunday! Let alone Christmas.

    So ... you're lucky if you can get food today.

    Have a good holiday.

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    The Chinese place on Cote-des-Neiges across the Kent Park north of Van Horne is supposed to be open today the 25th. Lisa gives good massages and offers handjobs - all for standard pricing.

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    thanks for the replies guys. montreal is a great city (i'm from toronto) and we did find a couple of places open on christmas day. ended up at isis. excellent service compared to anything we have at any MP in toronto

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