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Thread: phone etiquette with agencies

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    phone etiquette with agencies

    Some websites are very explicit about what's on the menu ("open to CIM") and some pretty vague ("open-minded"). When I'm setting up a date with the agency's booker on the phone, how explicit can my questions be? Can I ask if greek or cim (or whatever) is on the menu with a specific girl? These questions would be *way* out of bounds when booking with a reputable US independent or agency. I'm in interested in what is appropriate, both in terms of manners and LE. (My understanding of the law is inexact. I gather that most forms of in-person exchange are okay, but some kinds of conversation--especially public--are not.) And just to be clear, I wouldn't be asking if a girl would definitely perform a specific act, which would understandably be conditional; only if she's open to it, as opposed to never doing it....

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    I have always asked the agency beforehand to make sure that the minimum services that I desired are on the menu.

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    The agencies I frequent usually state on their web-sites if their girls are GFE. I confirm this fact when I call and make a selection. By setting expectations, opportunity for disappointment will be reduced.

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    I have always felt comfortable asking the agencies questions about their ladies.

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    Thanks everyone. In general I only see SPs with reviews, so I have a very good sense of what's what. (And when I see an Indy in the US I *only* see those who are well and widely reviewed.) But sometimes in Montreal there are new (or "new"), unreviewed girls and it can be very tempting. I saw a newcomer in Montreal a few years ago and it was a little awkward and a lot fun. And sometimes there is a specific activity that I'd like that is not included under the GFE rubric and, with a couple exceptions, not specifically identified on the websites. But it sounds to me like everyone is saying that it's okay to ask about menu extras, tactfully and politely. So I'll suck it up, as it were, and ask.

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