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Thread: Question about "Show Printable Version"

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    Question about "Show Printable Version"


    I'd like anybody to help me.
    There is a link "Show Printable Version" near the bottom of each thread page. Everytime I try this link, only the first 18 posts are shown in the Printable Version, even when there are more in the thread.

    Does anybody know how to show all the posts of a thread in one page of the Printable Version?

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    Sorry I wasn't informative.

    I'd like to save a big thread which contains too many posts to read at once into a local file, so as to read it under offline environment or on a printed matter.

    When I used the printable version on TERB, there was the function to show all the posts from the thread on one page, so I wondered if there might be the similar function on MERB.

    If anything, please tell me.

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    Thank you, StripperLover,

    I tried copy & paste, but the outcome is rather hard to read, because the page format is not copied. And if there are many posts over multiple pages, it will be a hard work. But, anyway, thank you!

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    Saving a thread
    Some members do know how to do it; there used to be a thread on SP and Boyfriend which ended into the Coralie / Pompon business; some members save it, but how did they do it? I got a copy from them but I still don't know how it was done. CA might have known at the time.

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    Originally posted by pfxig
    I tried copy & paste, but the outcome is rather hard to read, because the page format is not copied. And if there are many posts over multiple pages, it will be a hard work.
    I gave up long ago on the "Printable version" option for the same reason that it was impossible to get beyond the first 18 posts. I believe 18 posts per page view is the default setting on the User Options page, and the highest number of posts per page you can set is 40. The problem is likely with the vBulletin software. It is unfortunate because the "Printable Version" presents a clean and simply formatted page.

    I don't cut & paste, but click File, Save, and then select "Text file". You could also select "Web Page, HTML only" and you would get the page formatting, which creates a bigger file. I am only interested in the text, saving mostly any thread to which I have posted. I didn't initially save any of my posts, but when some people earlier this year started bailing out and deleting threads, I realized that I had to assume responsibility for maintaining my own archive.

    I think a page saved in this manner is what Lawless likely was referring to.

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    Show pages 2, 3, 4, 5....

    I had to look up for a long thread to explain you what I mean. So of course, with the pleasure of Maylee, I chose her thread.

    The non-printable URL would be:
    The printable URL is:
    But to have page 2:

    Just add "&pagenumber=2", or "&pagenumber=3", or "&pagenumber=4", or "&pagenumber=5".
    So have fun parsing pages that way..

    Also another hint, with mozilla I can disable pictures, backgrounds, etc. so that it`s not that obvious that I watch a non-work website.

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    Thank you, all.

    MotJuste clealy explained the problem I faced, and Bruce34 gave an answer. It's slightly awkward to add that option by hand, but it works! I hope the vBulletin software will support this when version-upped.
    I've used only I.E. or Netscape, so I can't undestand what it means, but thanks again.

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