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Thread: Important computer crash

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    Exclamation Important computer crash

    Hello to all,
    On friday, my computer crashed and the upcoming schedule was destroyed. I was out of town, this is why I am posting only now.
    Some dates on friday, saturday and today might have been missed because we were not able to retrieve the information, as we don't keep the emails we received after confirmation.
    For that we apologize.
    Everything should be back to normal tomorrow, but if you had a date schedule please reconfirm with me by email to make sure everything is set.
    I apologize about this disturbance that is out of our control!
    Lolita xxx

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    Lolita, good to hear you are back! Sorry to hear about your computer problem. Computers are the darndest things. They control our lives!

    And BTW the new pics of Melissa are wonderful!

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