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Thread: Coming soon --- Make free calls from your cell phone!!

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    Coming soon --- Make free calls from your cell phone!!

    Now this is what I call a great idea! How would you like to be able to make free calls from your cell phone as long as you are within a 3000 square feet area near your broadband Internet connected PC or laptop?

    I can see this being a boon for traveling hobbyists! Book into a hotel with free Internet access and make all the calls you want from your cell without worrying about them showing up on your cell phone statement!

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    Yhea, Skype don't work on BlackBerry.

    I'm on Rogers and I have a WiFi-compatible BlackBerry. It conects to my WiFi no problems and voice calls are routed to the Wifi so, when within WiFi range, I'm not using real air time, only Rogers connection to the wired phone system but, Rogers still charge me the full price, same as if I would be full airwaves. In order not to pay for minutes while i'm within WiFi range, they want to charge $15/month! Greedy bastard!

    If this little device become available in Canada for a reasonable price, I'll certainly be interested. Maybe stuff like that will make Canadian providers lower their price. After all, Canada is one of the place where cell service is the most expensive.

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    I had MagicJack.

    I was not satisfied with the call quality.

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