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Thread: Worst Thing after 40

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    Worst Thing after 40

    Ear Hair
    Seeing some young sexy women as just TOO young
    Income tax

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    The Da of the Dasein
    Beginning to read the morning newspapers with the necrology
    Beginning all your phrases with these words: You know when I was young...
    Thinking that brown corduroy pants are still classy
    When you hear Donna Summers (or worst: the Bee Gees) you feel the urge to hit the dance floor doing your best moves and thinking you're still cool
    Trying to cover your bald head with a baseball cap
    Spending Thursday night at home alone and contributing to this thread
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    Sexo sin pecado es como huevo sin sal (Le sexe sans péché est comme un œuf sans sel/Sex without sin is like an egg without salt) [Carlos Fuentes]

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    worst thing about being over (well over!) 40 is when 40 starts to look young!


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    That belly that wont go away.

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