"Gentlemen...Class Escorts Proudly Presents...~~MIRI & LEXIS~~"

Let's put it this way, the stars in sky are not the only heavenly bodies you will gaze upon tonight with wonderment and awe!!

Let's start with Miri shall we?Love is in the air when it comes to Miri !!! One of the loveliest ladies you will ever set eyes upon, in every way!!
Intelligent, vivacious, buxom, statuesque, playful, sultry, seductive and terrifically talented...This classy and incredibly intoxicating lady will give you the enchanted evening experience of your life time!! Xoxo

Ahhh...yes and then there is Luscious Lexis!!! This beauty is masterfully skilled, soft yet powerful and very generous!! Her smokin' hot bod and Panther like moves will make you....Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr....you know?

Well that's enough tantalizing talk, now it's time for you to feast your eyes and check out these Valentine Vixens on our web site

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